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IPR Drawings is a boutique illustration firm, catering to our clients who are hungry for fresh thinking. We propel insight-driven, out of the box thinking organisations, individual inventors & attorneys by creating drawings, internally referred to as "The Art", with the help of smart, fun loving team and sophisticated tools. Our clients like what we bring to the table- creativity and expertise. They also like that we measure our success by their success, by working closely with them. Most of all, they like what they get from us - speed of delivery with top-notch quality, absolute integrity and unwavering confidentiality at a reasonable price each time, every time. Here at IPR, we DO NOT believe in charging extra for Same Day or Next Day delivery.If you are working on a patent application, we should be working along side you as well! Let our team help your team. We are just a call away...

IPR Family

As a designer I love using my creativity to draw beautiful things. My passion lies in the art of visual communication whether it's ink on paper or pixels on a screen.

With many years of experience in illustrations and traditional art, Kumar enjoy merging both of them with a unique artistic flair which helps in building success stories.
Over time, the knowledge he gained in working on illustrations is now helping our organisation to keep those checks and balances before delivering the end product to our partner/clients.
He keep striving to give best, each day to our clients.
Senior Illustrator
Outside of work, Iam a complete family man who enjoys spending time with my twin girls who are 8 years old. Iam also a big sports fan, mainly rooting for Falcons and Atlanta United FC ..only when they are winning! :)

Sujay comes to us carrying over 12 years of patent drafting experience who started off his career as a draftsman back in 2005 at an illustration firm in Atlanta. After working for few years as a draftsman with a small illustration firm, Sujay wanted to take up bigger challenges and started his own illustration firm and also parallelly worked as an independent consultant. Having a masters degree in technology his hunger for creating arts in the field of engineering made him more niche in this area of illustrations. The key thing which brought us together are the core values that we both believe in, which are integrity, performance and fun-loving along with his expertise and ability to run the show all alone when needed. His expertise lies in using CorelDraw, Visio, Solid Works, e-drawings, and AutoCAD.
Project Coordinator
I have a bachelors and masters degree in the field of Arts. I enjoy reading and spending time with my kids.

Swetha brings over 8 yrs of experience working not only as an illustrator but also leading & coordinating with teams in countries like India and European Union. Swetha will play a pivotal role in not only helping us taking up work which is restricted to be in the US but also will help us in coordinating with our resources in both India and US to have a seamless & efficient delivery to our clients irrespective of location. Swetha is a go-getter and wants to keep herself challenged and importantly believes in constantly upgrading her skill set and learning new things.



Never Compromise Ethics. Honor Commitments.

We believe we represent the highest level of personal and organisational integrity. We honor commitments, stick to our promises and never compromise ethics. We believe in acknowledging mistakes and do whatever is needed to address them.


Demonstrate Excellence.

We are committed to delivering and demonstrating excellence in everything we do. We take complete accountability and responsibility in consistently delivering high quality and superior results for our clients. We challenge ourselves to strive for the best outcome each time, every time.


We are Fun, We are Radiant.

We hire Terrific and well-rounded people who not only are technically solid but also are vibrant and fun to work with. We enjoy working with each other and believe in treating our people well. We keep our workplace joyful by doing fun activities together which not only bonds us as a team but also helps keeping our work place that much more radiant.


Our highly skilled illustrators come from backgrounds such as Engineering, Graphic Design & Fine arts and are strongly bound to our culture, works round the clock, in shifts, to assist & support our client needs. With a quick turnaround time and providing superior quality outcome we truly standout. We generate electronic drawings by leveraging our top of the line computer systems and softwares. Be it rough sketches, blueprints, models or photographs our quality is never compromised. Illustrations, typography and layout are thoughtfully considered before we embark on a project because of which our finished formal drawings have an aesthetic quality, not found in most patent drawings. A simple block diagram to a complex perspective or exploded view, you can be assured that your drawings will not only better/match industry demands but more importantly will meet the requirements of the world's patent offices.

NOTE: Revisions attract zero extra charge.



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